Wish upon a star

Wish upon a star

Christmas Card 2013

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo Manga
Time: ~20 hours

So it started off as a simple drawing of a little boy with a star.
Since I liked the sketch and didn't have time to start on a new project, I decided to work on what I already had. I just put a hat on him and voila a little Santa!
Not the same Santa as other years but I think it was time for something different. :)

I thought it would go rather fast to paint it.. it was just a little Santa with a fallen star in his hands and simple background.. but no.. it still took me around 20 hours or maybe more, forgot to check the time sometimes. I really have no clue how to paint faster. >.<

I am also planning to make a tutorial/making of, of this one later for those interested. I actually saved some process images and other information for once. But until then you can see the painting process in a .gif below.

If you have any questions I will gladly answer them and if you think there is something important I should add in the tutorial feel free to tell me. All comments and critiques are welcome! :D

You can buy the Christmas card in my Zazzle shop: Link

Anyway, I hope you like my new little Santa and I hope you will have a wonderful holiday!

Merry Christmas! <3

Here you can see the original drawing and the painting process in a gif.

Wish upon a star   Wish upon a star

24 Dec 2013

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