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Simple coloured portrait practise

Tools: Pencil, Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo Manga

I wanted to try to colour a drawing fast in just some simple colours.
I used 4 colours in total, pink, blue, green and orange, but they are in different % of transparency in shade mode.
I can't say I know the right way to do it but this seems to work in Sai. The colours you actually use looks nothing like they appear, that's the tricky part with it.

It is also very hard not to use more colours when you are not suppose to, but if I did it would have taken much longer to "finish" it. I think this one took a day to finish from idea->sketch->drawing->colours.. a full blown painting of it would take.. let's say many more days hehe. And I can't say I'm the fastest painter our there.

But if someone would be interested in a simple drawing in simple colours for a commission it is atleast available now.

So what do you think, how does it look?
Have any tips how I can do it better or tricks how to colour a sketch easier?

If you are interested in a simple portrait commission, please e-mail me at [email protected]

24 Sep 2014

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