Robin Onith Zeeck

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai

Realism portrait commission of Robin

If you are interested in having your portrait drawn send me an email to [email protected]
Add information of what kind of portrait you would like and a photo.

Original photo:
Robin Onit Zeeck process

Here you can see the process from start to finish:
1. Drawing over photo to catch the features etc.
2. Adding simple shadows as a base.
3. Paper overlay texture, more shadows, values, starting to add details and working on skin.
4. More details like hair and facial hairs.
5. Removing lineart, more details in hair, finishing touches, contrast, minor background work and colour change.

Robin Onit Zeeck process

Here you can see how it looks like zoomed in without the paper overlay texture:
Robin Onit Zeeck process

30 Sep 2015

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