New design


I was making minor changes and ended up changing the whole design!
Hopefully to the better..
I still have no clue about html and css I'm just playing around and hoping for the best hehe

I wanted a better "intro" to my website that was more focused on my art than anything else.
Some features of my paintings and big image links to my paintings, drawings and tutorials.
Well I don't have many tutorials but hopefully I can add some soon but there is atleast a "making of" and a couple of process gifs. :P

I wanted some awesome personal background but that means I have to make one I think and.. I'm just not in the mood for that right now >.<
So this will have to do for now, added some swirly things (originally made for the wedding image but got scrapped in the end) so atleast something selfmade.

What to do think, does it look better than before?
Any tips how to make it look even better?

13 May 2013

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