Minna Tools: Sketchbook, pencil

Just a simple easy drawing of a little doll looking girl.
I guess you must be bored with my face drawings all the time hehe but it just happens.. it goes automatic. Even if I try to draw a banana it turns into a face! :P

I started on a digitally project some days ago.. but it took ages before I could actually start with it. Wacom+drivers+software=headache

I bought this small Wacom Bamboo tablet, last year in the F.A.C.T.S convention in Belgium, and it have these awesome touch functions. But of course the Wacom drivers don't support Easy Paint Tool Sai!

There is a solution though. It fully worked when I had Win Vista but on Win 7 the pinch zoom in function just don't work, instead you need to push two fingers up and down.. but the rotate works atleast, better than nothing.

Time to continue my digital drawing before I lose the inspiration again.. but.. it is amazing how many other things you all of a sudden have to do when you start drawing... sigh.

Do you have any good ideas/suggestions of what else I could draw in my sketchbook?

22 Aug 2014

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