Tools: Pencil, sketchbook

I get a few messages now and then asking why I only draw portraits lately and nothing else.. Well I'm sorry I am boring but that's what I "enjoy" to draw right now. :/

I guess I'm practising abit.. to draw traditionally with a pencil, drawing digitally is "easy" compared to this.. it's very hard to correct failures and you need to do it right from start or you can just as well start over. Sure you have an eraser but that's not the same.

Example: You are done drawing and then you notice one eye is too much to the right.. now if you drew it on paper your would have to erase the whole eye and draw it again right? A nightmare!
But digitally you can just select that eye and move it to where you want it to be! ♥
Ok ok yes you can edit the drawing later if you scan it in but that's not the point, you want to learn to be "good" from the start. And that will take me forever..

And I'm always anxious about posting my art online so you won't see everything I do, only what I think is "good enough" to share :)

17 Aug 2015

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