Lonely Little Santa

Little Santa is missing the people he holds dear.

Christmas is different this year, many of us are separated from our loved ones and have to celebrate Christmas alone. It has been a tough year for a lot of us, a big change in our lives which have been hard to get used to. Many of us are sad, lonely, stressed and frustrated for many various reasons and sometimes it has been really hard to keep our heads up. But there have also been positive changes, we got to try new things, make things better and a lot of people got more time for people and things they normally never had time for before. It's all relative but hopefully things are going to calm down next year and we can breathe out and enjoy our lives as we want to again.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I hope we all will have a better next year.

Lonely Little Santa by Caroline Nyman

Tools: Rebelle 3, Xp-pen artist 15.6 pro

Lonely Little Santa progress by Caroline Nyman

24 Dec 2020

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