Julia Tools: Paper, Pencil --> Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo

Drawing and watching Belgium's Got Talent or mostly listen to it, I only lift my head and look when I hear something interesting is coming.

This is just some random drawing of a girl, first I tried to draw something manga looking but didn't really manage as you can see maybe.

Scanned the sketch and fixed it abit in Easy Paint Tool Sai, like cleaning the lines, filling it with grey colours and adding some simple shadows. Nothing special but still took me forever.

Many people ask me how fast I draw, not fast at all.. I draw really slow to be honest. I think this one from sketch to this took me like 6 hours plus minus browsing the web etc.

There are many reasons for it but mainly cause I'm not sure what I am doing, what to draw, how to draw it etc. Specially when it comes to pencil drawing, there is no undo button or flip the canvas etc and I'm not really used to draw without it so extra hard for me.
Some people can finish a whole painting in a couple of hours but well.. I'm not them and I shouldn't really compare but it is still in my mind, I truly need to practise more but I always find other stuff I need to do instead.

Here you can see abit of the progress.
First one is the original sketch. Second one I have scanned, cleaned it up and added some flats. In the last one I have added shadows.


Thanks for watching and reading, appreciated. :)

2 Nov 2013

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