Improvement MeMe

Updated my improvement meme on DeviantArt.

I must say I'm rather disappointed in myself that I didn't improve more last year,
Well we all know what that means, I have to work harder!

But I think I improved a liiitle bit in traditional drawing atleast, you can't see them here because.. I'm rather embarrassed to show them.
They just look awful compared to the digital ones >.<

I just love digital drawing, there are so many things you can do to get a better result but yeah.. then you are called a cheater for some reason. It is just a matter of practise and I need to practise alot traditionally.
When people come and ask me to draw something infront of them.. I rather not.. I am just not comortable with it. Digitally? sure no problem!

Click here to see the full size.

What do you think, how am I progressing in your eyes and what do you think I need to work on? Any criticism is helpful. :)

I apologise if my English is horrible.

19 Jan 2013

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