Commission information and rights.

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Guidelines, Terms and Conditions for private commissions

  • I CAN DO:

Character designs, fanart, portraits and other illustrations. You can see in my gallery what I do and don't.
If you would request something impossible I will have to decline your request.
I only do digital artworks at this moment.


I do not work for free, it’s my profession, and please respect that.
Every artwork is unique and the price varies depending on the commission, subject, time, style, difficulty etc.
All work must be prepaid. But may be divided if desired.
Once payment is received it is final; no refunds unless I become physically unable to complete your request.

Payments will be done in Euro with Paypal unless you are from Sweden then we can use banking.

  • TIME:

I work as fast as I can. But it will take as long as needed.
How long it will take depend on how complex the commission is, previous work and my life situation. Ex: Work, school etc.
When I start it will not take longer than a couple of weeks. 24-100+ hours

  • NOTE:

I will only be able to do major changes to the design in the sketch phase so be sure what you want.

When I'm done with the painting you will receive the original high resolution JPEG/PNG fil for personal use (ex. A4 300 DPI). And a smaller version for online use.
If you post it online I would be grateful if you properly credit me with my full name and link to my website/original artwork so others may find me and my art as well.
I will not send you a physical copy of the artwork but you may print it yourself for personal use.
If I or you would notice some minor problem in the artwork afterwards I will correct and send the new file.


All artworks are copyrighted to me. What is copyright?

I reserve the right to:
• refuse any person, a commission, for any reason.
• to post or not to post my artwork on my website or other sites unless otherwise discussed.
• do the commission in my kind of style, if you don't want that, there is no point for me doing the commission.
• skip some details if I don't think it will not fit artistically.
• to create and sell prints of the artwork unless otherwise discussed or violate copyright. (DeviantArt, Zazzle and Society6)

The original characters are copyrighted to the original designer and you/they will be credited for that.

You may not:
• use my artworks for any type of sale or publication without my written permission.
• reproduce, copy, edit, publish, transmit or upload my original sized work in any way without my permission.

You may:
• upload the artwork online in a smaller version (theft reasons) Please include my name and link to my website on the artwork or in the description.
• Print the artwork for personal use.

Please respect my artwork policies. ♥


If you have any questions or wish to order an custom made artwork then please:

Send me an e-mail to [email protected]

Please include following:

• Name
• E-mail
• What you have in mind (sketch, painting, portrait, colours, details, background etc.)
• References (images of people, things, colours, artworks from me or others, anything to help me understand what you want. Preferable large high quality pictures)

The less information you provide me the more I have to improvise and do what I think artistically fit.

Thank you for your interest!

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