A little Christmas Girl

A little Christmas Girl

Merry Christmas!
Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo Manga

So here is this years Christmas Card!
I have been thinking for many weeks what I wanted to do this year, browsing different ideas online etc. I had many ideas I wanted to do and then all sudden it was December already.. and not enough time for my big ideas hehe. Like always..

When I was just about to start drawing I browsed through my blog and I saw this panda girl drawing I did this summer and for some reason she just screamed at me "Draw me! I know I look abit like panda right now but I love to dress up and I want a Christmas suit, please?" and yeah.. was impossible to ignore the idea once it got there hehe

When you do art it never ends up with that you first had in mind. ;)

Original drawing and process gif:
Panda girl a little christmas girl gif

24 Dec 2014

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