A Jackdaw's Friend

A jackdaw's friend A Jackdaw's Friend

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Intous 4

This is a personal project I started on last year and it is a portrait of my mother when she was young.
She told me this story about when she was a child and walked home from school, a jackdaw would fly down to sit on her shoulder.. or something like that atleast. Can't fully remember the details but it was something I wanted to illustrate for a long time.

I had different ideas, first I sketched down a little girl walking on a road with a jackdaw on her shoulder, then a teenager girl under a tree with the bird sitting next to her on a gramophone.. but ended up with a simple portrait.
I was also feeling inspired by a fellow artist friend named Christina Lank, that paint beautiful portraits with birds in them, and I wanted to try to do something similar.

It was planned to be in colours but somehow I got lost in the black and white world. I tried to colour it afterwards but I didn't manage to make the colours look good so I decided to stick with the greyscaled version. I was really not in the mood to learn how to colour a black and white painting or to repaint the whole thing. I better focus on painting something new in colour instead, moving on!

At first this was just something I wanted to practise on, play around with and I didn't plan to show it to anyone else, but after working on it for so long I felt that it would have been a shame if I didn't share it with the people who actually enjoy my artworks. And I didn't really play around with it anyway, even though I had Let It Go from Frozen on repeat in my head..

Something I really need to work on, to let it go, just have fun with my paintings and not worry so much about how others will think of it. I still need to find who I am when it comes to creating. It is hard..

I don't think I will be painting any more portraits for the near future, now I just want to paint something fun, cute and colourful! :D

I'm open for constructive criticism so if you have something on your mind you think I should know, please share, I want all the help you can give me.
All comments are welcome!

Here are some close ups so you can see the details better.

A jackdaw's friend A jackdaw's friend Necklace

Here you can see the original photo of my mother that I used as a reference.


10 Mar 2014

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