A flower for you

A flower for you

This is an illustration I made for Mother's day.

I wanted to do something fast and simple but that didn't happen like always hehe. I was struggling to find the right colours on this one. I think I went through atleast a dozen variations. Specially the background behind her was changed numerous times cause I couldn't make up my mind but I always ended up up going back to this combo.

And again I tried to make it look more like traditional art. I quite enjoy it, it's something new and different than what I normally do.
Sadly I have no art supplies to try the real deal so this will have to do.

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo
Time: From idea to finish: Few hours a day for 3 weeks. I'm not goign to lie, I am slow. Half of the time used to just try to find the right colour palette lol.

For sale at: My Society 6 shop

Here you can see the rough sketch -> lineart -> colour idea -> finished work. And a gif showing you most of the process.

A flower for you 4 steps A flower for you gif

8 May 2016

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