It have been my alias on the internet since I.. discovered internet.
I have no idea if it actually means something. I just liked it and used it!

What software do you use when you draw?
Easy Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Photoshop.

What do you draw with?
I use a drawing tablet called Wacom Intuos 4, Wacom Bamboo Manga, pencil and paper.

How long does it take to finish a drawing?
From hours to weeks.The longest so far have been around 100 hours for one painting.

When did you start drawing?
Since I can remember.

Did you go to an art school?
I went to a high school focused on art in general but nothing after that.
I learned digital art on my own.

Can you draw something for me for free?
Sorry, I do not work for free.

Do you use references?
Yes, mostly my own photos or my own body.

What is copyright?
You can read about it here: www.whatiscopyright.org

May I colour your lineart?
If it is not stated on the artwork that you are free to do it then please contact me about it.

You got any tutorials?
Yes, here

You do fanart?

Can I use your artwork as a background image on my computer?

Can I edit and use you artwork as banner (on forums etc)?
No I rather not.

Can I use your artwork as a personal background on my cellphone?

Can you draw me?
I could try but I will not do it for free sorry.

I would love to buy your Christmas Cards but where?
You can find my online stores at: ploopie.se/shop

Still didnt find you answer?

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