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7 Feb 2021

Aerine by Caroline Nyman

Elf portrait, inspired by my boyfriend's blood elf warlock from World of Warcraft, hope you like it.

Tools: Rebelle 4, Xp-pen artist 15.6 pro


17 Jan 2021

Taelin by Caroline Nyman

I have been trying out the new Rebelle 4 and so far it's so much faster and smoother than the last version.
It didn't crash and it didn't scream for more memory all the time hehe.
So I just made a random simple portrait drawing without a reference, long ago I did one of those.

Tools: Rebelle 4, Xp-pen artist 15.6 pro

Lonely Little Santa

24 Dec 2020

Little Santa is missing the people he holds dear.

Christmas is different this year, many of us are separated from our loved ones and have to celebrate Christmas alone. It has been a tough year for a lot of us, a big change in our lives which have been hard to get used to. Many of us are sad, lonely, stressed and frustrated for many various reasons and sometimes it has been really hard to keep our heads up. But there have also been positive changes, we got to try new things, make things better and a lot of people got more time for people and things they normally never had time for before. It's all relative but hopefully things are going to calm down next year and we can breathe out and enjoy our lives as we want to again.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I hope we all will have a better next year.

Lonely Little Santa by Caroline Nyman

Tools: Rebelle 3, Xp-pen artist 15.6 pro

Lonely Little Santa progress by Caroline Nyman

Happy Halloween

30 Oct 2020

"On Halloween night when the moon is high and all the children have gone to sleep the witches come out to collect all the leftover candy the children didn't take. This little witch got lucky and found a full bowl of candy at her first door, it was like it was served just for her. Before going back home she takes a moment and sits at the people empty graveyard to inspect the candy and taste them. Normally she get the candy no one likes but this year they were all good ones!"


My entry for Halloween contest for Escape Motions
This was my first artwork done in Rebelle 3 so I was learning on the go, I really love the watercolour effects, the program is amazing and what it can do.
I did have alot of struggles though, program crashed on me alot. Using the selection tool was impossible crashed every time and contrast window created problems as well with deleting/merging the layer to nothing. Had to restart many times and in the end I just learned I have to save manually every 5 min cause autosave didn't really work for me either. It really use alot of memory to the point I almost bought new ram sticks. Hopefully I will have better luck in my next watercolour painting cause I really like Rebelle so far!

Happy Halloween by Caroline Nyman

Tools: Rebelle 3, Xp-pen artist 15.6 pro

Progress pics:

Happy Halloween progress

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