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Midsummer girl

24 Jun 2016

Midsummer Girl

It's midsummer in Sweden so I'm drawing a midsummer girl with flowers in her hair. :)

Children of Spring

21 May 2016

Children of Spring

I wanted to do paint something related to spring and I was trying to come up with some kind of story before starting.
The story that came to my mind was about tiny children going out in the morning to create flowers for spring and to hide from the world they dress up like the flowers they are creating.
My illustration is suppose to be showing how the big sister Hepatica is taking her little brother Tussilago (Coltsfoot) out on his first adventure.

Again I tried to make it look like watercolours, having abit more fun painting these instead of what I did before.. just over-rendering everything.

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo

For sale in: My Society 6 shop

Here you can see the sketch -> drawing -> base colour -> finished painting + GIF

Children of Spring 4 steps Children of Spring GIF

A flower for you

8 May 2016

A flower for you

This is an illustration I made for Mother's day.

I wanted to do something fast and simple but that didn't happen like always hehe. I was struggling to find the right colours on this one. I think I went through atleast a dozen variations. Specially the background behind her was changed numerous times cause I couldn't make up my mind but I always ended up up going back to this combo.

And again I tried to make it look more like traditional art. I quite enjoy it, it's something new and different than what I normally do.
Sadly I have no art supplies to try the real deal so this will have to do.

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo
Time: From idea to finish: Few hours a day for 3 weeks. I'm not goign to lie, I am slow. Half of the time used to just try to find the right colour palette lol.

For sale at: My Society 6 shop

Here you can see the rough sketch -> lineart -> colour idea -> finished work. And a gif showing you most of the process.

A flower for you 4 steps A flower for you gif


10 Apr 2016


Not much to say hehe, a random portrait drawing of a girl.
Tried to make it looks like a mix between pencil and watercolours (digitally) but didn't really turn out as I had imagined of course. :)

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo

Here you can see my 3 steps from lineart to simple shading to final image.
Sadly I can't show you the sketch because I forgot to save it before I made the cleaner lineart.
And lastly an animated gif I learned how to make in Photoshop after reading some confusing tutorials online hehe

Rozara stepsRozara gif


4 Apr 2016


A simple little portrait drawing of a girl I made last night. :)

Easter Fun

25 Mar 2016

Happy Easter

Easter Fun

Happy Easter!

I was trying to make this look like I've used watercolours but I'm not sure if it does.. I have no experience with real watercolours at all and this was my first attempt to do it digitally. What do you think?

This is an illustration of what I used to do as a child. Dress up as a Easter witch (old Swedish folklore tradition that resembles Halloween) Colouring many Easter drawings to give away to people and hope for candy in return, put coloured feathers on twigs for decoration and painting eggs ofc!
And.. a random chicken wondering wtf she is doing.

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Wacom Bamboo

Different products for sale in my Society 6 shop here:

Easter Fun for sell society 6

Process images:

Easter Fun process

Process gif:

Easter Fun process gif

First sketches:

Easter Fun first sketch Easter Fun second sketch

Valentine Panda

14 Feb 2016

Baby Valentine Panda

Happy Valentine's Day!


Process Baby Valentine Panda Baby Valentine Panda

For sale in my Society6 Shop

Baby Valentine Panda


30 Jan 2016


Private simple drawing commission


26 Jan 2016

Rikki Private commission
Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, pen tool with mouse/tablet

Rikki from H2O, mermaid tv show.
Traced work from photo of a scene on tv.



21 Jan 2016

Pennya pencil drawing

Apple practise

20 Jan 2016

Apple practise

Random apple practise

Little Santa: Before and After

23 Dec 2015

Little Santa: Before and After

"Draw this again", before and after, 6 years difference.
Well there might be a little improvement?
In my mind back in 2009 I thought it looked liked it does now in 2015, it's weird. :P

Star dog

15 Dec 2015

Star dog

Woke up on St Lucy's Day and had the song "Staffan Stalledräng" in my head and when I looked at the curtain in the bedroom I thought I saw something that looked like a dog dressed as a star boy from a Lucia procession. *googles Lucia in English*

The drawing didn't end up looking like what I originally saw but the idea was born.
When I asked my boyfriend to look at the curtain, if he could see it as well.. he just looked at me funny.. telling me I'm weird seeing things that are not there hehe

Here is a picture of the curtain and one where I drew some guide lines, do you see it? :)

Star dog curtain      Star dog curtain

Little Santa: Light a Candle

8 Dec 2015

Merry Christmas!

Little Santa: Light a Candle

Tools: Easy Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop, Wacom Bamboo

Another year and another Christmas painting, this time little Santa is back to spread some Christmas love!
What is the story? You are going to have to think of one yourself, I have many. :)

Got the idea this summer already and sketched it down while sitting outside in the sun, had other ideas as well but this one got stuck and had to be painted.
As always it didn't turn out looking anything I had in mind, it was suppose to be alot more stuff going on, more things and presents but.. started painting too late again and if I added all the things I wanted I would still be paintings now hehe

You can buy this painting at:

(cards, prints, cases, canvas, Christmas stuff, wrapping paper, chocolate boxes andcalendar, stickers, blankets, lamp, pillows, clothing, magnets etc.)

(prints, canvas, cards, cases, skins, clothing, pillows, mugs, bags, clocks, shower curtains, sleeves, blankets, tapestries etc.)

Process gif:

Litte Santa: Light a Candle gif process

Muffins with my Christmas card

7 Dec 2015


My friends cat Muffins posing with my Christmas card! ♥

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